We will help you reduce expenses associated with technology and hiring new workers.

Our IT Outsourcing service will allow you to have a highly competitive technological team, without assuming the costs of an internal team such as maintenance, recruitment, training, among others, allowing you to focus on your business.

What will you achieve in your business with our IT Outsourcing service?

You will reduce labor costs (salary, quotes, refresher courses and other related costs) since we will take care of all that for you.

Your company will be more dynamic and flexible since you can focus on new strategies to set new goals and objectives.

You will reduce infrastructure costs (investment and maintenance), our facilities are adapted for an IT team.

Why work with us?

We take care of the search, recruitment and selection of personnel.

We find the profile according to your requirements.

We carry out high-level comprehensive evaluations.

A 100% dedicated team for your company.

Outsourcing talent to reduce costs in your IT area.

100% Bilingual Engineers.

10+ years of field experience.

Support 24 hours a day.

Result oriented process steps

Tell us about your idea and get suggestions on a numer of people and skills you need in your team.


We start with an interview to better understand your needs and be aligned with the solution. Our project managers will guide you and help you design the best solution for your company.


Sign contract and launch screening process for team members.


We will organize an initiation meeting (kick-off), so that you meet the team members who will be working with you. In addition, you will receive a guideline document with the estimated times and we will work with you to define the expected functionality at the end of the project.


Reduce your monthly costs by getting your dedicated team transferred and removing middle-men extras.


Successful Projects


Successful Projects


Years developing solutions for foreigners


Projects in more than 7 countries

Focus on your business, let IT on us

We provide you a wide range of custom solutions for your business to grow. We focus on providing you with the highest quality service that helps you achieve your business goals.